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    Top 5 Tips For Buying a Puppy

    1. 1. Expect to pay between £2500 to £2600 for a good show quality puppy dog, and £3000 for a good dual-purpose bitch, with all KC papers.
    2. 2. Make sure they are from show lines as puppies from pet stock will be pet quality, so the price should be much lower.
    3. 3. DO NOT buy without seeing the sire and dam of a puppy.
    4. 4. Puppy should be clean, happy and healthy.
    5. 5. Puppy should be eight weeks old and have been health checked by a vet. The puppy should also come with insurance.
    6. If in doubt don't buy, it will save you heart-break later.



    Go to the best kennel you can find, you may have to go on a waiting list, as good Pomeranian breeders do not have litters of puppies waiting to be bought, you may have to rely on the knowledge and honesty of the breeder. So, choosing the right kennels is very important.

    If you are buying for show purposes, then make sure the background of the puppy is good and represents no strongly inheritable faults of a major nature. Study the standard, as to what a good Pomeranian should look like, and always remember that the best Pomeranian puppy will be higher in price than a badly bred and reared dog, but they are well worth the price difference.

    Of course, it costs no more to raise a good specimen than a bad one, but if you start with a good one, you will have the best chance of ending up with a good dog. The sire and dam must have their Kennel Club registration, as must the puppy. A puppy should have the same general points of conformation as an adult dog, but its colour may change later, as many orange and red are darker as an eight week puppy, a shaded muzzle may clear later or may not, it all depends on the background on the puppy.

    An eight week old puppy should have a heavy coat, its head will also give a pretty good idea of its adult head, feet should be small and dainty, large feet may well mean a pup will grow large to match. A Pomeranian puppy should have a small pretty head with tiny ears, a puppy with big ears will always have big ears. Lighter eyes will not get darker, and a thin weedy rib cage will never grow into a good round one.

    If you are only looking for a pet then a slightly bigger puppy will not be a worry, but if you want a correct show size then you must go to a top breeder. Pomeranians should be short in back, with straight front legs. As Pomeranians have been bred from the bigger Spitz and unless care is taken, Poms will revert back to the Spitz very quickly. The Spitz has a longer head, bigger ears, and a flatter coat than Poms.

    Normally dogs are easier to find than a bitch and are normally cheaper too. You should not pay as much for a larger dog, although a smaller bitch can go for the same as a dual-purpose bitch. Pomeranians come in all colours, from cream to black, orange red, and many sables, parti colours are now making a return to the show scene. Miss-marked puppies or black and tan should also be cheaper than a correct colour, as should puppies whose mouths are incorrect.

    Be aware of a really bad mouth as it could cause trouble eating or with keeping the teeth clean, any health faults should be avoided, because of a lifetime of vet bills. A Pomeranian is a happy healthy breed of dog, and a little care taken to get the right puppy at the beginning means getting twelve to fourteen years with your puppy.

    The pictures below show how much a puppy can change after a few weeks. It is best to wait till the puppy is 6 weeks old before looking to buy the puppy. The first picture is of Hand Rearing a week old puppy. The second is the same litter 2 weeks later. The final picture was the same puppy at 6 weeks old. NOTICE THE COLOUR CHANGE! A lot can happen over the period of 6 weeks so please be careful!